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Best Passwords are the Easiest to Remember?

  It’s difficult for most of us to remember our passwords.  This is great advice:  try a trick credited to security guru Bruce Schneir: Turn a sentence into a password Related articles 25 “Worst Passwords” Of 2011 Revealed ( Advertisements

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Elder Holiday Safety Tips

So, Grandma is coming over for the holidays, is your house ready?  The last thing anyone wants is to have Grandma trip over the throw rug and break her hip!  Here are a few suggestions to make your house safe … Continue reading

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Martinis and Medications

Medical professionals often do not address alcohol issues with older adults.  With older adult patients health care personnel are often perplexed by different symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, insomnia that may be caused by substance abuse, common medical disorders, or … Continue reading

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The One Thing You Must Do Today!

Register your parents phone numbers on the National Do Not Call List Today! Our father was involved in a scam that started out with telemarketers phoning him at home.  It’s one of the reasons we started this blog about protecting … Continue reading

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Keep Your Parents Safe…

We are sisters. We’ve faced a lot of crisis together though the last 40 years. We have parents that we love.  We knew this day would come, we were prepared,  but some days are a real challenge. We’re learning the … Continue reading

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