About Us

We are two sisters.  We’re learning the hard way that we have to protect our aging parents from the world around them.  If we are fortunate, our parents are living longer than ever.  Most have assets to protect.  Many have health issues unique to the elderly.  The parents we have always looked up to now need our help and protection, just as our children do.  When is the right time to step in?  Where do you go for advice?  How do you cope with being squeezed between your parent’s needs and your children’s needs?  There are all sorts of books available on raising children.  We hope this blog will be a resource for those caring for elderly parents.

— Gigi & Sara

You may be asking yourself… why would these two women want to write a blog on keeping elderly parents safe?

Gigi-I have made it my mission to help others after my father was a victim of a financial scam.  I have learned a lot about the unscrupulous scam artists that prey on the elderly.  I have found there is an awful lot of red tape, filing reports, and little chance of getting money back.  I’ve talked to banks, credit card companies, police, attorney general offices, and attorneys – many of whom have parents or grandparents that have also been victims of scams.   I hope by sharing my experience I can prevent this from happening to others, or at least give some sort of road map about how to go about trying to recover money if it does happen.

Sara- I am a licensed social worker with over 15 years’ experience working with the older adult population.  That experience includes working in long term care, senior housing, adult day services, and developing a “Grandparent Day Out” program.  Helping older adults and their families through the maze craze of services and systems that are available to them is a passion.  I truly love what I do, but when my father was a victim of several financial scams I started to doubt if I was any good at my job.  I couldn’t even recognize when my own father was financially victimized, what kind of social worker was I????  I knew my dad had Dementia and had already started working with my sister on getting my father some help when my sister became aware of how bad things were…financially.  After speaking with law enforcement, physicians, and others involved with working with older adults, I found out that some of their parents were victims too.  It wasn’t that I was bad at what I do; it was that these scam artists are so good!


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