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Doing what we can to protect our aging parents.

If you receive a breach of data notice do this:

Easy step by step instructions are available here: Advertisements

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Holidays Good Time to Talk Details With Aging Parents

NPR addresses how to talk about financial and health issues in their story “How to Start Talking Details With Aging Parents.”

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Stop Arguing With Siblings Over Elder-Care By Playing to “Styles”

Originally posted on OurParents:
When a parent needs long-term care and siblings are involved, it’d be nice if everybody just got along, wouldn’t it? But so often, that’s not the case. Caregiver expert Linda Rhodes writes about this from a…

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How to talk to your elderly parents about…

Really helpful advice and suggestions here about how to talk to your parents about the really tough issues!  While you’re there sign up for their newsletter, it’s excellent.

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ConsumerWatch: Elder Financial Abuse Skyrocketing « CBS San Francisco

ConsumerWatch: Elder Financial Abuse Skyrocketing « CBS San Francisco.

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What you need to know about Medicare coverage when mom enters a Skilled Nursing Facility:

What you need to know about Medicare coverage when mom enters a Skilled Nursing Facility: I can’t tell you how many times a patient comes into “a” skilled nursing facility for physical therapy and/or skilled nursing care and they assume … Continue reading

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Build a financial plan now with your aging parents

This Time Magazine article  on building a financial plan with aging parents has great suggestions.  The slow transition approach has really helped our family adjust to our new roles.  We have slowly started to accompany our parents to doctor, accountant … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Administration Aid & Attendance Benefit Available

Extra income is available to pay for the home care, assisted living, or nursing care of veterans! The Veteran’s Administration offers pension benefits to Veterans (or Surviving Spouses of Veterans) under two circumstances. 1. If the Veteran: received discharge from … Continue reading

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Some tips for helping your lonely parent

If you suspect that your parent is lonely here are some suggestions for ways to help:

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